La Cucina

Time to enjoy

“La Cucina” is a blend of hotel, restaurant, pizzeria and café, offering guests an ample selection of culinary highlights, a bar/lounge where you can sit back and unwind, and an all-round welcoming atmosphere.

Situated on the River Mur Cycle Trail and close to the Styrian Wine Country Cycle Trail, La Cucina makes the perfect base for your adventures in the Graz region. The food at La Cucina is best described as a skilful mixture of Mediterranean cuisine and Styrian hospitality. Chef Bernd Deutschmann, from Semriach, is in charge of food at “La Cucina”, and he and his staff bring a good helping of passion and verve to the town of Peggau.

Each room is furnished differently and named after a different destination in Italy. So you don’t have to go too far to spend a night in Rome or Florence! The comfortable beds promise a night of restorative sleep. And relaxing in a bathrobe will help you unwind in an instant. Pure relaxation at the sauna – take a deep breath, switch off, and step away from the hectic nature of everyday life for a while.

Excursion destinations such as the Lurgrotte caves and the Sensenwerk (scythe factory museum) are very close by; it’s easy to cycle there using the local network of trails. It takes just 20 or 30 minutes by bike, train or car to reach Graz’s old town, which is well worth visiting as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and City of Design.

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