Quellenhotel Bad Waltersdorf

The place to relax in Styrian Spa Country

Every day, around 1.9 million litres of rich thermal water flow into the 14 thermal pools on the 14-hectare resort of Bad Waltersdorf. Guests at the Quellenhotel enjoy energy in its purest form in 2 spas: the Heiltherme and the Quellenoase. The Quellenoase offers relaxation in green surroundings and features a natural swimming pond with an integrated thermal water pool, a thermal water swimming pool, numerous saunas and a feminarium – a relaxation area exclusively for women.

From the Heiltherme and the Quellenhotel it is only a short distance to the EuroVelo 9 trail and the Styrian Wine Country Cycle Trail. Traditional Styrian Medicine® is truly unique. It revisits old healing methods and prescriptions from the region and adapts them to the modern age. The result is unique health treatments in the TSM® health oasis and culinary delights in TSM® cuisine. High quality standards stipulate seasonal ingredients from local, family-run businesses, traditional sources and natural products.

The high quality standards can also be felt in the Quellenhotel’s rooms: the furniture is made from solid wood, while the 7-zone cold foam core mattresses ensure an unbeatable sleep after an active day of cycling.

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