Cycling across the entirety of Europe

16 long-distance cycling routes that run across the entirety of Europe form a network called EuroVelo. This long-distance cycle route network was founded in 1995 by the European Cyclists' Association and connects the most beautiful regions in the whole of Europe via these long-distance cycling trails.

Of course, some of these EuroVelo routes lead through Austria, located at the heart of Europe. A total of five different EuroVelo bike trails (EuroVelo 14 new from summer 2020 on) take fans of EuroVelo through Austria. The River Danube Cycle Trail, the Tauern Cycle Trail, the Alpe Adria Cycle Route, the River Drava Cycle Trail, the River Mur Cycle Trail, the River Enns Cycle Trail and the Thermal Spa Cycle Trail in Lower Austria and Styria, as well as the Vienna-Breclav Cycle Trail, form the basis for the long-distance EuroVelo cycle route network in Austria.

EuroVelo6 - Explore European rivers by bike

The EuroVelo6 starts at Nantes in France, on the Atlantic Ocean, and continues in Austria along the Danube Cycle Path, then travels across Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria to the Black Sea

In Austria, the EuroVelo6 runs along the Danube Cycle Path: the most famous cycle path in Europe and truly one of the most beautiful cycle paths on our continent. In addition to the glorious Schlögener Schlinge in Upper Austria and the cultural city of Linz, as well as the vineyards and monasteries in the Wachau region, Austria's capital Vienna can also be visited as part of the bicycle tour on EuroVelo6, before continuing across the border in the direction of Bratislava.

EuroVelo7 - The sunny route through Europe

The EuroVelo7 offers an opportunity to explore the landscape, culture and cuisine from the North Cape through to Malta. The trail covers impressive landscapes, along with cities such as Malmö, Copenhagen, Berlin, Prague, Rome and Naples

This bike path, with a length of about 7,400 km, crosses a total of nine countries. One of these countries is Austria, where the EuroVelo7 follows beautiful cycle paths such as the Tauern Cycle Trail, the Alpe Adria Cycle Trail and the River Drava Cycle Trail. This route means that cyclists in Austria will also be able to enjoy possible stopovers in Linz or Salzburg. It's certainly one of the most varied EuroVelo routes.

EuroVelo9 - A journey from the Baltic Sea to the Adriatic Sea

This route is one of the shorter EuroVelo paths, and also one of the most varied. Rivers, lakes, mountains, cities - the cultural influences along the bike tour are just as varied as the sights to be seen on this tour through Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Italy and Croatia

In Austria, the EuroVelo9 crosses the states of Lower Austria, Vienna and Styria. On this bike tour, you have the opportunity of cycling through the Weinviertel region, of visiting historic cities such as Baden or Hartberg, of exploring the spa region in the middle of the wine country in Styria and of enjoying beautiful scenic views with a glass of wine. The journey then continues along the River Mur Cycle Trail towards Slovenia, in the direction of Maribor, the second largest city in Slovenia.

EuroVelo13 - In the footsteps of European history

The EuroVelo 13 (the Iron Curtain Trail) crosses an incredible 20 countries. Europe was divided by the Iron Curtain for almost half a century. This was an artificially created border that stretched from the Barents Sea to the Black Sea

The mere knowledge that you are here cycling along the corridor of the former "Iron Curtain" promises an incredible variety of scenic and cultural experiences. In Austria, the cycle path is challenging in parts. Section by section, it travels through near-deserted border areas, past Austria's smallest town Hardegg, on to Lake Neusiedl and then to Lutzmannsburg. Here, this cycle path leaves Austria and continues towards Hungary.

EuroVelo14 - the joys of water

The route from Zell am See in Salzburg to Hungary, via Styria and the Burgenland, is famed for its rivers, lakes and bathing spots in Austria and Hungary.  Lake Balaton and the small town of Velence near Budapest await you at your journey's end.

EuroVelo14 is the newest EuroVelo to join the trans-European family of cycling routes. Passing numerous rivers such as the Salzach, Enns, Mur and Raab, lakes that tempt you in for a refreshing dip, and gorges begging to be explored, water is an ever-present companion – a real gift on hot summer days. The tour starts off along the Tauern Cycle Trail, before switching to the River Enns Cycle Trail just after Bischofshofen via Hüttau. At Selzthal, just outside the Gesäuse National Park, with its famous Admont Abbey and world's largest monastery library, you will switch onto the Rastlandradweg, taking you to the River Mur Cycle Trail. Follow the Murradweg to Graz to switch onto the Mostwärtsradweg, which opens out into the Raabtalradweg (Raab Valley Cycle Trail) in the small town of Gleisdorf, the tour to East Styria. This steers all EuroVelo14 cyclists towards Hungary, passing through the Thermen- und Vulkanland (Thermal Spring and Volcano Country) and the southern Burgenland, where you will finally continue to Lake Balaton. A fantastic cycling adventure, on a route that can also be traversed very easily by train.

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