19. Februar 2019

Alpe Adria Cycle Trail

Travel through the Hohe Tauern National Park in the sunny south, to Carinthia and across the border of Austria to Italy, until you reach the Adriatic Sea, in one week
24. Januar 2018

Thaya Circuit Cycle Trail

The cycling paradise of the Thayaland region offers 111 km of leisurely cycling. The Thaya Circuit Cycle Trail mainly runs along old train tracks and is particularly suitable for families because of its gentle terrain.
4. Juni 2017

River Inn Cycle Trail

Across the Alps with views of mountains over 3000 metres high! A journey of diversity: from the peaks of the Alps to the rolling hills of Bavaria and the floodplains of Upper Austria.
4. Juni 2017

Ybbs Valley Cycle Trail

The longest of the three Danube-Alpine connections for cyclists in Perry Country. From the convergence with the Donau in the town of Ybbs, the trail leads to Lunz am See at the foot of the Ötscher.