Small, historic, worth a visit

Small historic towns

Towns that belong to Small Historic Towns really make a big impression. In Austria there are 16 towns that fulfil the specific criteria to offer a unique experience.

What does it mean to be a “small historic town”?
Small historic towns are towns with a town charter and a maximum population of 45,000. Characterized by a historic, cohesive townscape, these towns are located in unique natural environments and stand out thanks to their numerous examples of listed architecture. But that’s not all: the key criteria also include regular town tours with certified town guides, who can point out these historic sites and bring them to life with professionalism and a great deal of knowledge.

The “witnesses of time” include authentic craft businesses, which can be experienced up close in these towns. There’s also a chance to treat your tastebuds to a range of local and homemade delicacies at the regular weekly market or at high-class culinary establishments.

Shopping fans will love the town centres and historic centres. These parts of town offer a unique shopping experience with regional products available from predominantly independent businesses. The relaxed atmosphere and helpful shop-owners make the shops perfect for having a look about, browsing and finding something to buy.

What is most worth seeing is the cultural aspect and diverse range of events, tourist attractions that can be experienced, and active cultural highlights on various themes. These satisfy culture lovers’ hunger for knowledge and are popular with young and old alike, making these Small Historic Towns a perfect experience.

Small Historic Towns directly on cycle trails:

Authors: Vera Leitner / Michael Plasounig