Good advice for your next bike trip

Thoughts on the next bike tour

First of all: we’re happy that you’ve found your way here and that you are interested in this article. This is the most important step for your next bike tour or your next bike holiday.  After all, a good cycling trip is all in the planning.


Contrary to many opinions, it is important to deal thoroughly with some important things in the run-up to a bike tour. You can often forget something important and remember it much too late. There are also simply questions to which you don’t really find the answers.


This is where this article steps in: We are happy to help, answer the initial questions that arise and remind you of important things. All in the strictest confidence, of course.

You’ll then have all the information you need to start the planning your next bike tour in detail. We wish you all the best! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.


The fewer questions remain open, the more fun you’ll have cycling!

One thing is clear: the sooner you deal with questions about your next bike tour, the sooner you have everything together and can look forward to the trip. But what’s the best way to find the necessary information? Many cycling tour websites also deal with frequently asked questions – some even have checklists. Of course the respective contact addresses for your cycle trail of choice are also available as contact points for information, but it can’t hurt to swot up a little in advance. Here are some excellent places to get information:


River Danube Cycle Trail – Information

River Mur Cycle Trail – Check-list for your cycling holiday

River Enns Cycle Trail – FAQs

Tauern Cycle Trail – FAQs

Lake Neusiedl Cycle Trail – FAQs

Traisen Valley Cycle Trail – Information


How easy are cycle trails for kids?

Many cycle trails indicate that the routes are also suitable for children. It is advisable to have a look at the information for the respective trail.

You should pay particular attention to the elevation profile. From this you can immediately see if there are big differences in height and therefore the tours are easy (i.e. mainly flat or downhill) or difficult (i.e. mainly uphill and downhill).

Another point that should be taken into account are road sections. Of course, it can happen that certain sections of cycle trails are on public roads. There are different reasons for this, one being that a cycle trails leads through a protected area in which certain structural measures are not possible or only possible with difficulty. The experience of nature fully compensates for this. However, road sections with heavy traffic should still be avoided, especially with small children. Tip: You can use regional transport to overcome these sections.

What would a bicycle tour be without an amazing destination to look forward to? This is especially important for children, so you should make sure that there are some adventures along the tour to make things even more exciting. There’s nothing better than the prospect of an ice cream to get kids pedalling hard again.

Brevity is the spice of life! Especially if you are travelling with children, it is advisable to plan shorter stages in advance. If you are more interested in tour operator packages, you should also pay attention, because these stages are usually geared to the performance of an adult. A whining child on a bike can make your holiday, to put it mildly, a little tedious.

Further tips on cycling with children can be found in this article by (only available in German).


Cycling in the summer heat? No problem.

Cycling in midsummer? Of course. What’s the problem? Cycling alongside rivers and lakes gives you the refreshingly cool wind and lots of places to swim and cool off. They’re perfect for kids and adults alike! It’s a good idea to make an exact plan of where these bathing areas are and how long it will take to reach them in advance. Once you’ve done this, nothing stands in the way of summer cycling and swimming.


At full power with a full battery.

If you are an e-bike fan looking forward to your next tour in the diverse (and often mountainous) Austrian countryside, here’s a reminder of the most important things: Don’t forget your charger and find out where the charging stations are along the way in advance. You will thank us, because an e-bike ride with an empty battery becomes a big challenge.


Getting there and back the easy way

If you’re planning a longer tour, you might want to think about getting there and back with your bike. In most cases, the public transport connections and how to get to places are described in detail on the websites of the cycle trails or local tourist organisations and the Austrian National Tourist Office. However, it’s worth paying attention to any deviations from the timetable on weekends and public holidays. We don’t want you missing a train and having to wait on the platform for hours.


Tips & Recommendations

Last but not least: If you’re looking for something special on Austria’s cycle trails, you should take a look at our Stories page. Here you will find short articles with tips for activities, culinary delicacies and recommendations for unique experiences on cycle trails in and through Austria. It’s definitely worth a look as it will make your cycling trip or holiday an unforgettable event.


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