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Business purpose

Steirische Tourismus und Standortmarketing GmbH- STG is an information and service facility for customers and interested members of the public. It promotes and develops tourism in Styria. As part of Steirische Tourismus und Standortmarketing GmbH- STG, Radtouren in Österreich is a marketing platform designed to promote cross-regional cycle trails, cycling regions and cycling establishments in cooperation with the Austrian National Tourist Office.

Regulatory authority: Graz municipal authorities
Austrian Commercial Register No.: 40307a
Commercial register court: Styrian State Civil Court, Graz
Austrian VAT ID No.: ATU28810604

Member of the Styrian Chamber of Commerce

Managing Director: Erich Neuhold
Shareholder: State of Styria (100%)

Supervisory Board:
Landesrätin MMag.a Barbara Eibinger-Miedl (Generalversammlung)
HR Mag. Ingo List (AR-Vorsitzender)
NR KommR Karl Schmidhofer
Dir. Mag. Gerhard Widmann
KR Gerhard Wendl
KR Lieselotte Sailer
DI (FH) Anja Benesch
MMag. Jörg Smolniker
Veronika Jeitler-Trummer
Brigitte Riedl
Markus Leitner, MBA

Basic orientation

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Cycle trails

For the sake of clarity, “cycle trail” shall be defined as any trail that runs alongside the specified river or through the specified region. However, it should be expressly stressed that parts of the trails may also be used by motor vehicles and pedestrians. Neither Radtouren in Österreich nor its specified partners, tourism organisations or associations assume any liability with regard to the trails specified and described on this website for either a specific quality or a specific status of the same, or for the trafficability of the same.

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