Childhood memories

The River Danube Cycle Trail – a world of adventure

The Danube has been recreated in miniature from the source to the delta at the Wassererlebnis Mini-Donau an adventure park right next to the north and south banks of the River Danube Cycle Trail. You can operate locks, balance on the dam wall or just splash around.


Nine-year-old Martin’s eyes open wide when the “baby” appears in front of him. After all, it’s two metres long and can swim like a fish. And it’s no wonder – it is a fish after all. The fish is a beluga sturgeon which has found its home in the large aquarium of the children’s paradise that is the Wassererlebnis Mini-Donau in Engelhartszell (Upper Austria). The fish is 16 years old and still a baby – beluga sturgeon’s live to be ancient. And huge. If you want to find out more about the wonderful world of the Danube, visit the exhibition Haus am Strom exhibition at the Jochenstein power station on the other side of the Danube in Bavaria. These are just two examples of many family-friendly attractions on the River Danube Cycle Trail. With almost no inclines the trail is also very suitable for young cyclists.


It’ a land of adventures for young and old explorers alike: a land of ancient castles and palaces and of the Ars Electronica Center in Linz, where kids can put together a hit in the Soundlab. If you’re tired of cycling, why not take a train or a boat? Here the little ones can play at being captain, the constantly changing shorescape ensures that they won’t get bored. And then get back on your bike. (A tip from parents: plan short stages of around 25 to 30 kilometres per day! You don’t want to overwhelm anyone.) The River Danube Cycle Trail is lined with adventure playgrounds, great places to swim and imposing castle ruins.


And then comes Vienna: It’s 150 years ago that Johann Strauß composed a monument to the river with his Danube Waltz. Every year the whole world can listen to this legendary piece of music when the Vienna Philharmonic (which will be 175 years old in 2017!) plays the famous tune at the New Year’s Concert. Two other unique attractions in Vienna: Schönbrunn Zoo and the Giant Ferris Wheel at the Vienna Prater. A trip in the ferris wheel gives you an amazing view – including views of the east … … where new destinations await, including the Donau-Auen National Park, a natural land of adventures including the schlossORTH National Park Centre, the Roman world of Carnuntum and the amazing Schloss Hof, where you can slip into the role of a maid or a stable boy on one of the discovery trails and marvel at white donkeys in the petting zoo. All stuff from which unforgettable childhood memories are made.

Autor: Donau Oberösterreich / Donau Niederösterreich