Where beer isn’t just beer

The good life in the Innviertel region

For a long time beer was regarded as a drink that was defined by the masses; beer drinkers were rarely considered connoisseurs. But the tide has turned: beer has emerged from its shadowy existence and is revealing its delicious diversity. This is not least due to the Bierregion Innviertel initiative.

Nine breweries, 26 inns, over 80 different types of beer: What was launched five years ago as “Bierregion Innviertel” has developed into a permanent fixture in the region and far beyond.

By joining forces with tourism and business, this alluring alliance is aiming to improve the range of different beers in the region and polish up the local beer image.

The driving force behind it are the beer-related events in the breweries and inns, as well as a united image as the Bierregion brand. The nine participating breweries work closely together and benefit from synergies. One of the highlights of the Bierregion calendar is Biermärz, a colourful series of events based around beer, which takes place in March every year.

With the Bierregion the Innviertel can expand its abilities in the field of beer further. The breweries – all privately own – stand for genuine, unique beers that stand out from the crowd. Strong, robust, delicious. The best thing to do is taste your way through the local kitchens and cellars as part of a tour along the Roman Cycle Trail. You’ll find lots of helpful advice on finding your way around the culinary map from the regional tourism associations or on the website at www.innviertelbier.at.

Author: Bierregion Innviertel